Right Rigging Company

We provide a wide range of services in the field of rigging and suspension technologies.
Our services include:

Technical analysis and consulting: We conduct technical analysis to assess the feasibility of an event, evaluate risks, and determine optimal loads on supporting structures. We provide consulting services for selecting the appropriate sports and entertainment venue.

Design and engineering: We create an overall load scheme for suspended equipment and develop technical solutions for safe installation. We prepare the necessary technical documentation for approval by design organizations.

Installation and dismantling: Our team of professionals carries out the installation and dismantling of suspended equipment according to an approved schedule. We ensure control of loads on supporting structures throughout the process.

Equipment selection: We assist in selecting the required equipment, including winches, trusses, and rigging accessories. We work with state-of-the-art equipment from leading international manufacturers.

Technical support: We provide quality technical support during events. Our team is ready to assist with setup and operation of suspended equipment.

We strive for high-quality work, safety, and meeting the needs of our clients. Regardless of the project complexity, we are ready to provide comprehensive solutions and an individual approach to successfully bring your ideas and events to life.