About Us

Right Rigging Company

Our company, Right Rigging Company, has over 12 years of experience in the field of rigging.

During this time, we have successfully completed over 1300 projects in 15 different countries around the world. Our experience encompasses a wide range of events, from small corporate gatherings to large-scale global projects.

We have worked with various types of equipment, including sound, lighting, video, television, and stage decorations. Our team of professionals, including certified riggers, ground riggers, engineers, and computerized hoist operators, possesses deep knowledge and expertise in the field of rigging technologies.

We closely collaborate with our clients, providing them with technical support and consultation at every stage of the project. Our approach is based on an individualized approach to each project, risk analysis, and assessment of loads on supporting structures. We strive for maximum safety and efficiency in the execution of each project.

Our experience and commitment to quality and safety make us one of the leading players in the rigging industry. We take pride in our achievements and are honored to be a reliable partner in bringing your ideas and projects to life with excellence and professionalism.